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Shanghai Jspeed Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional umbrella and raincoat manufacture,producing good quality umbrellas and raincoats with best service.
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We are usually asked about:
Ordering questions

What is the order procedure ?

Payment questions

What is the payment method ?

What is the payment term ?

Printing questions

How can I send my graphic file to you ? Which format do you prefer ?

What is the printing method and printing cost ?

Design questions

Can you design the umbrella for our company ?

Production questions

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

What is the production time ?

Can I get the umbrella sample from you ?

Package questions

What is the packaging of the umbrella ?

Delivery questions

What is the delivery charge ?

How can I receive your samples ?

Company questions

Why should we buy the umbrella products from JSPEED Umbrella company ?

Material questions

How many umbrella fabrics can I choose ? What is the difference?

Can I choose the thickness or density of the umbrella fabric?

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